MMM Nigeria Holds Weekly Promo-Task Contests


MMM Nigeria holds weekly Promo-Tasks Contests. A relevant section for the contest appeared in the Personal Office (PO). And a page (https://nigeria-mmm.net/contests/) with testimonials of winners of the previous weeks is created on the MMM website.

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МММ Nigeria launches PromoTasks Contest


МММ Nigeria is gaining strength again. Members provide and get help. The volume of the provided and got help is growing. Now, we have to promote the testimonials confirming that MMM pays as actively as possible. For this purpose, we announce PromoTasks Contest. Promo tasks are useful both for members (as they allow to get new referrals) and the whole Community (as all together we distribute positive feedback about MMM).

The contest will last for 1 week: from the 24th of February to the 2nd of March inclusive (promo tasks completed after March 2 won’t be considered).

There are 2 nominations in the contest: online tasks and offline tasks. You can participate in one of nominations, or in both of them.

Online nomination prizes:

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