Cryptocurrencies Steadily Recovering after Slump


You can contribute to MMM using one of the two options: conventional currencies and cryptocurrencies. We recommend using the second option as it's faster, more reliable and profitable.
A short while ago the cryptocurrency market had a slump in exchange rates — a lot of popular digital currencies plummeted. The steep fall started after the Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges announced the forthcoming cease of trading due to the government policy.
Moreover, shortly before (back in early September) China's government imposed a ban on ICO (Initial Coin Offering) across the country. These two events set off a panic among cryptocurrency traders and, consequently, a sharp drop in currency rates.

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The Growth Period of Mavro-100% Is Limited to One Month


Dear participants,

From now on Mavro-100% will grow during one month (30 days) from the date of the creation of a PH request. After 30 days, Mavros will be converted into Mavro-0% (Mavro without growth). It means your contribution will double: you won’t be able to withdraw for more than a doubled amount of you PH. If you provide help in the amount of 10 000 NGN, in a month this amount will increase to 20 000 NGN. Then, your Mavros won’t grow any longer.

Therefore, members will have to make a new contribution: create new PH requests to see their Mavros growing again. It will ensure a constant PH and GH requests flow. Like the weekly maximums introduced two months ago, the limitation of the Mavro growth period provides sustainable operation of the System.

Best regards,
MMM Administration

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MMM News Digest — 16/10/2017


Here's a short summary of this week's events on the MMM planet. Do you want to learn about new and interesting developments in various countries and read news about cryptocurrencies, watch videos and photos? Then read this weekly digest!

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Mavro-100% Are Available for Acquisition till October 20



On the 20th of October, the option to acquire Mavro-100% will become unavailable. After October 20, you will be able to acquire Mavro-50% only. Mavro-100% acquired before October 20 will not be converted into 50%-Mavro; they will continue to grow by 100% per month and will be available for withdrawal on the usual terms.

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