3 signs of the wrong life path


A correctly chosen life path is the basis of success. A person who is on the right road will certainly achieve high results. How to determine whether you are going that way? Read the article and find out the details.

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Hyperledger: a huge demand for Blockchain technology is expected this year


Executive director of Hyperledger blockchain consortium, Brian Behlendorf, is convinced that blockchain technologies will be in an enormous demand in the current year. He thinks that governments and big companies will start actively using them in various spheres. All the details are in the article.

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Litecoin - digital silver


Litecoin is a progressive cryptocurrency which is called “digital silver”. How it was created, what advantages and perspectives it has - about all that you will learn from the article.

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Expert opinion: Bitcoin will increase to $100 000


Regardless of the long cryptocurrency market correction, the majority of experts agree on further strengthening of Bitcoin. Shopin Blockchain marketplace CEO - Eran Eyal - takes the same view. Find details are in the article.

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