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$10 000 from МММ? Easily!

View a new Testimonial from our happy participant from China. Some of these days, she got help amounting to 98,000 yuan which is equivalent to almost $10,000. A considerable sum isn’t it?

The participant expresses sincere gratitude to the whole MMM China Community and Sergey Mavrodi personally for a splendid opportunity to change the life for the better. She is certain that in 2018, the System will become even stronger and more sustainable than ever before. The main thing that all the participants show their commitment and take actions: attract newbies to MMM and demonstrate that the Community can learn from the mistakes and improve its work!


$1000 for grandchildren’s presents!

View a new Testimonial from our elderly participant from China. She got help amounting to 6,830 yuan which is equal to almost $1000. The participant was genuinely glad to receive the money and that the transfer came so quickly.

It is hard to find a side job late in life, therefore MMM’s help was a great support for the woman - now she can treat her dearest grandchildren, and this is true happiness! As you can see, elderly people fully trust MMM, and they know very well who can be trusted and who not - since they have solid experience!


A participant provided help using BTC and got help in yuan within 2 days!

View a new Testimonial from our charming participant from China. There are not many words in the video, but it brings a great deal of essential information. She provided help for 1 BTC and as early as within 2 days got help in yuan. Everything is simple, fast and convenient!

That was the fastest help receipt in six months which proves that MMM is moving in the right direction. We are reaping already first benefits of our new Community development policy. Things are going very good now and will be even better!



Indonesia and Bangladesh development teams are congratulating Sergei Pantelevich Mavrodi on his birthday!


Conference in Bangladesh.

Dear participants of the system.

The Asian development team is presenting video conferences in Bangladesh.

The country is enjoying a positive development. The presentation of the ideology is right.

They are holding conferences and charity events.
They have bright eyes and joyful heart.
Yours respectfully.



Consultant speech


Consultant speech


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Consultant speech Abdur Razzak Mamun  MMM Bangladesh


Md Mehadi Masud Talukder (10k Consultant) MMM


Super consultant of the month - March