Charity event by Professor of the Guiding School of MMM Argentina

The event was organized by Alex Gonzales. What he tells about the event: I have already realized the event and it was excellent presentation of MMM. I gave to each parent a promotional flyer that told about the community and what is our purpose, also, during 45 minutes, I explained what we are and what we are not. Many doubts that they had at that time were clarified and also I gave a donation of school supplies to all the children of the school, emphasizing that MMM is a safe and legal community.

Venezuelans in Colombia

Event carried out in Colombia in the city of Medellin and the capital Bogota, the day 22 of May of this year, were distributed 4,000 advertising flyers in the streets and tourist places such as the PARK OF ENVIGADO of Medellin and in the PLAZA MAYOR OF BOGOTA. We are 8 people and we distributed flyers by all parties and there was a lot of acceptance by Colombians